Saturday, May 27, 2017

keeping promises

Twenty-nine years ago on an Ohio Magazine shoot I made a promise that I couldn't keep - I offered to send a photo to one of the folks in the story.  1988 was a time of slide film, lab processing and Cibachrome prints - long before digital & email.  In other words, sending someone a copy of a photo was a lot of work and truth be told, I knew I wouldn't send one.  Years of minor guilt ensued.  So, when we started the basketball project three years ago I made the decision to follow up on every photo request (& there have been a lot).  I email links, digital files and even deliver prints.  Last year when I took my summer workshop students upriver to Augusta I made some photos of the old Augusta gym and told the principal that I would send along some photos (I did email him the blogpost link) so yesterday (a year later to the day) I delivered two 13x19 prints to the school.  Keeping promises does feel good.