Wednesday, October 31, 2012

first light, last color & a new post

This week one of my students told me that I've been 'slacking' - my word, not hers.  She noted that in the last couple of months my blog posts have become sporadic, to say the least.  And, she's right. As to why, I don't know, but I'll try to do better AK.  I remember when I first started reading Bill Allard's posts and how they dwindled from daily to weekly, then monthly and recently, one or two every 3 months.  Disappointed is too strong a word to use, but I was a little saddened not to get vignettes from a storyteller that I enjoy.  So, as the last leaves fall from the trees in my yard and October becomes November, here's a photo that was made with early morning light, kissing the tops of the trees & a promise of more posts to come.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

an old friend comes through

On assignment for Cincinnati Mag last week to photograph the Motr Pub on Main.  It was dark, not very busy and there were the normal challenges that come with those situations - high ISO, camera shake and blurry people.  By 12:15 I was tired & already had 500 images on the card but decided to stay until my old friend Jeff Roberson took to the stage.  I first met Jeff years ago when he worked at Robin Imaging and I still processed a lot of film.  Jeff is a Photoshop guru, RIT grad, photographer, motorcycle collector, musician and as I learned that evening, a stay at home dad.  After another 200 images and an hour of great music I was rewarded with the image I was hoping for.  It may not make the magazine, but it says a whole lot about the night.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sectional time

Tonight, 5 years ago seems like yesterday.  It was the last time that Mike Lang & I walked off the soccer pitch as coaches of the South Dearborn Lady Knights.  After nine years, more than 100 wins, one Sectional & two Conference championships, we stepped away.  Our time had come and gone, just like all of the freshmen who became seniors.  I think what I miss most are the bus rides - a time of excitement, anticipation, intense conversation, joy & sometimes utter disappointment.  But, any sadness that lingers from lost games or championships quickly fades when I see a former player - see how they have grown and made their place in the world.  So now, I stand on a hill above the first game of the Sectional Tournament, with no desire to go inside but in no hurry to take the short trip home, away from the game we all loved.