Sunday, May 15, 2011

the album post

Searching the discount bin at Borders yesterday I found a new CD of old music.  Back in 1971 Steve Stills took a break from CSN/CSN&Y and formed a group with Chris Hillman (Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers) that they eventually named Manassas.  The group played everything from rock to blues and salsa to bluegrass and like most rock bands of the era, was short lived.  One great double album, a mediocre follow-up and now, this CD of out takes.  Since my musical tastes are embedded in that time I really enjoy the songs, but even more - I like the packaging.  A card board tri-fold case, liner notes, credits and photos - very album like.  As we roll faster into the all digital age, I don't miss vinyl & turntables or the eventual loss of CDs & DVDs, but I will miss "the album" - the concept (all songs based on a common theme), the credits (knowing what other famous musicians may have contributed), the band photos and of course, the words to the songs.  And, what I'll remember most - looking at all of those things every time the music was played.  Over and over, like each time was the first.

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