Monday, September 26, 2011

the best pizza

I have a running tally in my head, a top ten list, of the best pizza I've ever eaten. It starts with Leonardo's - a long gone small parlor in Worthington that offered pies made with a cracker crust and incredible pepperoni. This thin crust marvel, cut into square pieces is a Columbus thing - which is why Tommy's (also in Columbus) holds down a high spot on my list. Then there's the Mellow Mushroom, started in a closet sized shop on the campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Still excellent, but only in Atlanta. Can't forget Crozet Pizza in Crozet, Virginia (near Charlottesville), hand tossed by hippies (even today) and the most exotic toppings ever. LaRosa's from Cincinnati, home to the sweetest sauce, jumps in & out of my rankings based on my moods. And now there's Betta's in Norwood, just across the street from Xavier University. Stone & ceramic wood fired oven, grandma Deluca's crust and real Italian 'sauce' (not cooked down). Maggie & I went there to shoot photos for Cincinnati Magazine (November 2011, Pizza Edition) and couldn't leave without sampling the pies and drinking a couple of Moretti's. Is it the best? Well, it entered my list near the top and as for CM - you'll just have to wait until November to find out.


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