Saturday, December 31, 2011

some favorites, 2011

Standing in front of the magazine rack at my local bookseller I realized that it was THAT time of year - you know, "person of the, who left us" time of year. It is also the "best images" time of year - Sports Illustrated Best Sports Photos Issue, Rock Climber Photo Annual, etc. So, here we go - the "chris smith photography blog best images of 2011".  Well, maybe not the best - but ones that were certainly memorable to make.


  1. Wow! Always such a viewing pleasure!
    Thanks for sharing, Chris!

  2. Great, as always, Chris. I need one of those Zip Dips. Happy New Year from the Basting's.

  3. You are the rock star of photo for us!

  4. Great work, as always! I continue to be amazed by your work. Happy New Year.


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