Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I guess excitement and expectation would best describe the unboxing of a new camera. Although as pros we claim to look at our cameras & lenses as tools, we all have a little 'gadget freak' in us.  So it was when I opened my new Nikon D800 and shot the first few frames yesterday.  The D800, although much like my other Nikons in appearance, is a radical departure in its make-up.  Creating frames 3 times the size of my D3, the 800 makes for a huge change in resolution, handling/storing of files and a general re-thinking of how to approach digital photography.  It's like loading a roll of Kodachrome 25 again - you have to slow down your approach & attention to detail and work a little harder at making images that live up to the potential of the camera. 

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