Saturday, December 29, 2012

visiting the bugman

Whenever I hook up with my old friend David Soliday an adventure of some sort usually transpires.  We met at a workshop on the coast of Maine & have travelled to Texas, Jamaica and the panhandle of Florida chasing good photographs.  Through the years we've logged hundreds of miles in his 1978 VW Microbus, Boston Whaler skiff, various Land Rovers and spent uncountable hours on the phone discussing/dissecting every problem Nikon, Apple & Adobe has thrown at us. At times I'm sure we have propped up the national economy with our purchases of cameras, lenses, software and hard drives.  So, when David proposed a short trip to a VW junk/graveyard to search for Bus replacement parts, I was all in.  Located in the middle of 75 piney acres, Aubrey Watson (aka the 'Bugman') oversees the transition from road to rust for more than 400 VW's. Beetles (Bugs to Aubrey), Buses, Karmann Ghias, Squarebacks, Slantbacks, 411's and Things rest in the sawgrass and pine needles, waiting to be picked or passed over.  After searching through vehicles & piles for more than an hour, David came away with a window, a drip pan and several new insights into the workings of mid-1970's VW's.  I picked up an aluminum VW logo (off a Bug, not a Bus) for $5 & the belief that you didn't want to be doing this in August - that is, unless you really like snakes...

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  1. Very nice images...the Bug Farm..I love it


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