Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Simply put, I'm not emotionally attached to most of the photographs I make.  But, in the last few years I've made an attempt to work on stories that have more meaning - for me, the viewers and mostly for the folks being photographed. When I decided to tell the story that eventually became "the Last Farmers of Southeast Indiana" I hoped the finished piece would be something we were all proud of.  Daryl Cutter said his father Marvin told everyone about the day he was photographed & interviewed.  Mark Kilborn was given copies of the magazine and asked to autograph them.  And I've heard that Earl Dawson was happy with the finished piece that appeared in Cincinnati Magazine.  Unfortunately, Earl died last spring and never got to see his print hanging on the gallery wall at Fotofocus Cincinnati.  I feel lucky to have met Earl, make photographs of him and hear his life story.  Lucky to have created work that has some meaning, for all involved.

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