Monday, June 13, 2011

low light, low tech

Decided to sit in on David Alan Harvey's workshop, "high mind, low light" at the Vinegar Hill Theater. As a long time admirer of DAH's work (he has shot for NatGeo for 40 years), I was looking forward to his take on the use of flash.  I first struggled with the concept of 'fill flash' more than 25 years ago when I added a Vivitar 283 flash to my working kit.  Now, we are blessed with TTL flashes that think for us  & I put these little light wonders to work constantly.  David's perspective is a little different than mine - he approaches the technology from a 'feel' point of view, mine is more pragmatic.  I was a little disappointed (well, more than a little) with the session, but it didn't change my opinion of David - he is a marvelous photographer and mentor to young shooters.  Other than that, I think I'll take the "no comment, high road" route.

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