Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the pony in the garage

Among vintage car enthusiasts there is always the story of the mythic car stashed away in a barn, down a gravel road - unseen for years.  Told around campfires, this "Cobra in the barn" tale grows more incredible with each telling.  The owner was usually a soldier killed in Vietnam who never came home to claim his classic roadster or a disgruntled ex-wife who hid the treasure away after a nasty divorce.
Well, my neighbor Fuzzy knows a little about cars like this.  A mechanic since he was a boy, Fuzz has restored three 1960's era Ford Mustangs and is now working on his 4th - one that was hidden in a barn, down a gravel road and originally belonged to a soldier from the Vietnam era (he didn't die).  Beaten and tired, this old car has risen from the dead in the hands of Fuzzy and his body man, Wayne.  In less than 2 months they have chromed, painted, wired, carpeted, tuned & polished every part of this 1969 fastback Mustang GT.  Soon, the new wheels & tires will arrive and this caged pony will be ready to run again.

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