Monday, March 21, 2011

art & craft

As a photographer, I've always seen myself more craftsman than artist - good at technique, less so with vision. Last week after photographing Jamonn Zeiler's guitars, I thought about the blurred lines between art & craft. Jamonn is a craftsman, shaping wood to create tone - but his guitars are works of art, worthy of hanging on any gallery wall. Today I was back at the shop of Darrin Cutter, a custom hot rod upholsterer, to photograph baseball player Jason Giambi's car. Darrin and his assistant Eddie were putting the finishing touches on the new interior - leather, suede and aluminum. But, that description hardly does justice to what is revealed when a door is opened. Darrin is another who blurs the lines between art & craft - a man skilled with his hands, but visionary in his designs. Maybe the line between art & craft doesn't exist at all.

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