Monday, March 14, 2011

lasting images

After 25 years and thousands of frames you never know which image will have the longest life. When I think of Bill Allard, I see the photo of Henry Gray standing in front of his 48 star American flag. Galen Rowell's single frame of a rainbow over the Potala Palace still dances around in my head. As for my own work, it's an image I took of my oldest daughter Kate more than 20 years ago. She is feeding apples to my neighbor's Charolais cattle - their noses nudging under a woven wire fence. The original was a Kodachrome slide and it appeared in Country Journal Magazine.  It was later sold to Patagonia for use in their kid's catalog and also displayed in their Canadian stores. It has always been in my portfolio and has now been reworked digitally, to continue it's life - well into middle age. 


  1. Always a fond memory! How wholesome life in the country can be!


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