Wednesday, March 16, 2011

guitars, part three

I bought my first acoustic guitar in 1974 - a Yamaha. Number 2 was a Sigma, purchased from Alan Basting, while living in Clifton. Three, a 1967 Martin D-18 from the walls of Columbus Folk Music Center on north campus, near Ohio State. Then came a badly reworked Gibson Dove from Famous Old Time Music, a Guild D-40, a Yairi, and a Larivee. All gone now, hopefully to better players than me. I still own a 000-16 Martin that has spent most of its life in a case - it's just good to know that I have it. So, last summer when I walked into Guitar Center to purchase a digital audio recorder, I had no intention of buying a guitar. But here it is - an Indonesian Epiphone, with an action so low and a tone so balanced. Who would have guessed that after all of the wonderful instruments that I've owned a $250 guitar would bring so much joy. As a friend of mine used to say, "it just goes to show."

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