Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Photographing at West Baden last night and early this morning reminded me of another photo shoot, one that I have stored away for days just like this.  My friend & fellow photographer David and I were working in Jamaica at a resort when we discovered something we had known about, but not really considered - humidity.  Cameras & lenses do not like to be taken from inside a/c to outside heat.  What happens?  They 'steam' up, and stay that way for some time.  In Jamaica, we would put the camera gear on our porch each morning at 4 am, knowing that when it was time to use it at 7 everything would be 'decompressed'.  The first image was taken at Dry Hollow last night, after my equipment had been out in the July air for 25 minutes.  The 2nd, shot this morning after 40.  The only thing missing is the beach.

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