Saturday, July 16, 2011

the shared moment

To me, photography is a solitary pursuit. I find decision making easier that way.  There are times, however, when sharing a viewpoint with someone else is rewarding.  Take the photo of the flats boat blasting up the river for an early morning rendezvous with tailing redfish.  My friend David & I, working on an advertising shoot, had scouted the location and set our tripods side by side.  We had about 15 minutes to get a good photo - one that looked just like this.  And the motorcyclist at Mid Ohio - Maggie & I took that shot.  Two cameras with different lenses, passed back and forth at the same corner - & one of us nailed it.  Sharing photographs is natural, but sharing the process can be special.  

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  1. Chris,
    Your photos continue to impress me & make me smile, even brighten my day. But your stories, little blurbs that poetically give the image a three-dimensional life, are truly wonderful in my eyes, and I thank you for sharing. Love, Sam


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