Monday, August 1, 2011

bag art

I own a lot of camera bags.  Three LowePros, 5 ThinkTanks, four Domkes, one Tenba and 1 Tamrac. Through the years I have sold or given away too many to count and several of the bags that I currently warehouse have been 'modified' from their maker's original design.  As equipment and my assignments have changed, so have my needs. But my desire has always been the same - take as little amount of gear as possible, but be able to expand so that you can carry everything you own.  Believe me, not as simple as it sounds and that's why I currently have 14 bags (not including computer-only bags).  Of all the ones that I own, I recently realized that one brand continues to appear in my photos - Domke.  They are canvas and do age well, but deep down I wonder if there is something intrinsically artistic about them. Maybe it's just the potential they hold.

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