Monday, August 8, 2011

elements in the frame

There are many ways to assemble the parts of a photograph.  Our old friend Cartier-Bresson believed in the combination of 'geometry' & action before he pushed the shutter.  In other words, compose a photo with an interesting background and then wait for something to happen within that frame - the decisive moment.  These photos from Mid Ohio are based loosely on that technique, the only difference being that I can't see what is in the frame - I am simply putting the camera into a position that I think will yield an interesting image.  Sometimes it works, most are failures.  In the first photo, I simply wanted to get the camera high enough to get a good view of the cars as they were moved from the track - that's my shadow on the left side.  What I didn't count on was Danica Patrick walking into the scene with an autograph seeker also included.  The second shows Ana Beatriz signing an autograph, but this time 2 'happy accidents' happen - someone is pushing Ana's bio sheet into the picture and a fan is taking a photo of the signing.  Both elements help to complete the story being told.  Great photographs?  No, but ones that show the wisdom of Bresson's advice.

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