Saturday, August 27, 2011

prepare, then change

Be prepared, my Boy Scout past tells me & be willing to change, my life as a photographer has taught me.  Carry these two ideas with you and most ventures will be successful - including photo shoots. Before arriving at the Manifest Gallery to photograph a drawing workshop for Cincinnati Magazine I had all of the gear needed, the name of the contact person and an idea of what to capture on digital film. Once I arrived, some things changed - as they often do.  The room was different than I had imagined (bigger), as was the light (better) and the number of people (more).  I was able to use a tripod (as I hoped), no flash (as expected) and was there for an hour & 1/2.  I shot 391 frames and uploaded 41 to the magazine.  The three images below are different points of view but tell the same story.  They are a result of being ready & being ready to change.

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